I was managing more than a dozen national, European, and international research and industrial projects over the last years and was actively involved in applying for European and national funding schemes.

04.2015 – 03.2020:

  • Principle Investigator for the SenseX: Sensory Experiences for Interactive Technologies Project by the EU ERC Starting Grant. The grand challenge and vision of this project is to gain a rich and integrated understanding on touch, taste, and smell experiences for interactive technologies. See the dedicated research/Lab website.

06.2013 – 05.2014:

02.2010 – 11.2013:

  • Member of the COST Action TwinTide Project “Towards the Integration of Transectorial IT Design and Evaluation”. It aims to harmonise research and practice on design and evaluation methodologies for computing artefacts, across sectors and disciplines.

10.2011 – 09.2013:

  • Principle Investigator for the UXCodes Marie Curie Project funded by the European Union, within the Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (IEF) Programme. The focus of the project is on the decoding of User Experience Qualities with and through Technology over Time. Duration: 24 months, supervision by Peter Wright (Professor of Social Computing), at the Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK. Collaborations with research projects related to my UXCodes project are established within Culture Lab (including SiDE, SALT, Creative Exchange), Bristol University (including UltraHaptics), and University of Salzburg (CDL Contextual Interfaces).

12.2009 – 09.2011:

07.2010 – 09.2011:

  • Lead of the Home & Extended Home track within the AIR – Advanced Interface Research project, a national founded competence center. Coordinated by CURE, Vienna in collaboration with the University of Salzburg, HCI & Usability Unit.

08.2010 – 09.2011:

  • Co-Lead of the European IP FP7 project ANIKETOS, lead of the Validation and user Evaluation workpackage as part of the HCI & Usability Unit of the ICT&S Center at the University of Salzburg. Project lead by SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway.

03.2010 – 05.2011:

  • Lead of a national funded Benefit project entitled “100 Gründe hinauszugehen” (100 Reasons to get outside) focusing on connecting elderly people and supporting daily life activities. Cooperation with OVOS realtime 3D gmbh and PlanSinn GmbH, Vienna.

01.2010 – 11.2010:

  • Lead of an industrial cooperation on “Elderly Experiences & ICTs” (national project). Overall organisation, preparation and conduction of a field study for exploring elderly peoples’ living environment.

11.2008 – 02.2010:

  • Lead of the AVTV – Augmented Virtual TV / Augmented.EDU project (iterative evaluation of the developed 3D game for educational purposes). Cooperation between the HCI Unit and OVOS realtime 3D gmbh, Vienna. See recent version of the educational game Ludwig by ovos.

09.2006 – 05.2009:

  • Lead of the CITIZEN MEDIA – FP6-IST founded European project. Including the proposal preparations since 11.2005. The HCI & Usability Unit was leading the User Evaluation workpackage within the project. A main focus was on User Experience and User Acceptance Evaluation within three European Testbeds (Cologne, Oslo, Engerwitzdorf) for IPTV, mobile, 3D, and web based applications.

02.2008 – 05.2009:

  • Lead of the Emotional Flowers “EmoFlowers” project using facial expressions as input and interaction modality (co-financed by the CITIZEN MEDIA Project).

02.2007 – 10.2008:

  • Project on Emotional Attachment to Mobile Devices and Services, collaboration between HCI & Usability Unit and Research in Motion (RIM).

05.2007 – 07.2008:

  • EuroiTV2008 Conference organisation in Salzburg, Austria. Member of the Steering Committee for the EuroiTV conference series since July 2008.

03.2006 – 09.2006:

  • iTV4All Project – national founded FFG project in collaboration with Ruwido – a leading Austrian company specialised in the development of remote controls.

07.2005 – 06.2006:

  • iiTV@home Project – supported by the EFRE project of the country of Salzburg and by the European Union. Included a field trial on interactive television in the whole country of Salzburg.

05.2004 – 04.2006:

  • Project “” and “Website for Doctors” managed for the innovation-team Salzburg, Austria in cooperation with Pfizer.

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